Production Manager
Maintenance Manager
Farm Manager
Director of Finance
Senior Accountant
Director of Logistics
Workers’ Comp Claims Analysist & Handler
Pest Control Advisor Field Man
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Accts. Receivable/Sales Coord
Quality Systems Manager
Farm Manager
Maintenance Mechanic
Produce Broker
Sales Manager

Salary: $150,000

Experience:  10+ years almond orchard management from development up to mature.

Language:  Portuguese or Spanish language skills.

Education: Bachelor's degree in plant science, Ag business or related.

Job Description:  The farm manager will develop [5,000-7,000] acres of almond orchard assets in the Alqueva region of Portugal near Evora.  Approximately [   ] acres have been planted to date and an additional [  ] acres are already leased/purchased for development.  The farm manager will be responsible for all growing operations and tree nutrition and management.  He or she will have access to an existing network of third-party service providers, including a related-party farm services contractor that has performed land preparation and irrigation system design/installation.  The manager will be expected to train sufficient staff to expertly manage high-quality growing operations and provide timely input into growing budgets.  He/she will also be expected to comply with appropriate accounting controls and work proactively with accounting staff to monitor and approve expenses.  The farm manager will also assist in evaluating additional properties.

The farm manager will be reporting directly into “ ” a Wasco-based asset manager which manages more than 11,000 almond and table grape acres in California.  The position will report to its head of almond growing operations.  A key component of the position will be the ability to communicate proactively with a California-based management team, the local Portuguese partner, and institutional investors.  The farm manager will be expected to utilize technology


Self-starter with a strong work ethic.

Ability to think and work independently and critically.

Ability to work with a variety of personalities.

Must be proactive in communicating with both internal and

Able to read and analyze soil and leaf analysis.

In-depth knowledge of soil and tree nutrition.

Tree management – pruning, tying, other cultural practices.

Able to work independently, but communicate electronically with a supervisor in California (utilizing technology).

Ability to talk to investors and write professionally, when necessary.

Able to handle a lot of responsibility, with appropriate support. 

Very organized and experience in training, making schedules for water, work, etc.