Production Manager
Maintenance Manager
Farm Manager
Director of Finance
Sales Manager
Senior Accountant
Director of Logistics
Workers’ Comp Claims Analysist & Handler
Pest Control Advisor Field Man
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Accts. Receivable/Sales Coord
Quality Systems Manager
Farm Manager
Maintenance Mechanic
Produce Broker
Sales Manager

Location: Bakersfield, CA area

Salary: $175k

Job Description: 

Employee shall be employed as Salesperson to manage and conduct the Industrial product sales of the employer, subject to the direction of the General Manager, from time to time, stated either orally or in writing. Employee’s duties shall include the following:

Solely responsible for all sales transactions of the firm

Expand direct sales opportunities with selected top tier North American customers to reduce commission expense

Represent Company in all industry/trade events

Garner a working understanding of Companies manufacturing processes and quality programs/certifications in order to effectively represent the company to the Industry

Work directly with the General Manager in developing ongoing sales tactics and long-term sales strategies

Responsible to meet sales revenue targets and maximize margins

Work with Company management team to develop strategies aimed at expanding our product portfolio in order to improve grower return.     

Rationalize and report committed position, booked and forecasted revenue