Executive Assistant
Accts. Receivable/Sales Coord
EHS Manager
Maintenance Mechanic
Citrus Buyer
Quality Assurance Manager
Sr. Quality Assurance Manager
Warehouse Manager
Production Manager
Facilities Manager
Table Grapes Sales
Quality Systems Manager
Production Supervisor
Production Manager
EH&S Manager
Maint. Mechanic 2nd/3rd Shift
Maintenance Manager
Farm Manager
Maintenance Mechanic
1st Shift Production Supervisor
Produce Broker
Sales Manager

Location: Hanford, CA area

Experience: Must possess prior work experience related to the labeling, packaging, inventory, and warehousing of goods. Working knowledge of labeling machines, tray-pack machines, palletizing, and other warehouse conveyance equipment highly desired.

Job description: Supervise and direct the efforts of plant personnel to produce a consumer product of the highest quality in the most efficient, safe, sanitary and economical means possible in accordance with companies specifications and policies. Supervise and direct the activities of personnel to maintain, construct, and install equipment in the assigned area of responsibility. Evaluate and recommend capital expenditures to support the continuous improvement of production line efficiencies within the Packaging/Warehouse Department. Execute the implementation of approved capital jobs on time and on budget. Direct Supervision of a department, as assigned.

Principal continuing responsibilities: In accordance with Federal and State regulatory guidelines, ensure plant operation under the safest, clean and healthy conditions possible.

Supervise and motivate personnel to meet production, construction, and maintenance goals. Monitor critical points during the production run to ensure a safe, high-quality product.

Establish and monitor maintenance schedules to increase line efficiency and prevent production downtime. Initiate and request appropriations for projects to increase and maintain production, or improve the work atmosphere.

Provide leadership and set the example to maintain the respect and cooperation of employees. Instruct and train personnel to maintain a knowledgeable workforce.

Communicate and monitor employee responsibilities and expectations; Follow-up and administer corrective action when necessary.