Production Manager
Maintenance Manager
Farm Manager
Director of Finance
Senior Accountant
Director of Logistics
Workers’ Comp Claims Analysist & Handler
Pest Control Advisor Field Man
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Accts. Receivable/Sales Coord
Quality Systems Manager
Farm Manager
Maintenance Mechanic
Produce Broker
Sales Manager

Location Fresno area

Salary $80,000

Job Description: Highly diversified growing, packing, and shipping operation located in the heart of the agriculturally-rich Central Valley of California. Products grown by include: almonds, grapes, olives, oranges, and stone fruit. The operation also includes a retail store, an almond hulling and processing plant, and a newly-completed olive oil milling facility that produces and bottles extra virgin organic olive oil.

As the Farm Manager you are responsible for monitoring daily farm operations and reporting to the President. The ideal candidate will be highly motivated, have good organization skills and maintain a positive work environment.

Responsibilities & Duties: 

Responsible for ground preparation, planting, irrigating, fertilizing, spraying, cultivating and harvesting operations.

Managing and leading a staff of both regular and temporary employees.

Attend ranch meetings weekly and report on progress once a week.

Participate in the budget creation and manage location expenses.

Procuring crop inputs, including those for production and protection, and controlling the inventory.

Manage location records, including those on equipment maintenance and field records. Provide training to staff in the areas of safety, food safety, and general work requirements.


Production agriculture and management experience is required.

Must have experience in budgeting.

Must have knowledge of irrigation methods, farm equipment operation and general maintenance.

Must possess a basic understanding of horticulture and general agriculture.

Must be able to troubleshoot and be resourceful. Strong organizational skills and the ability to set and achieve goals.

Excellent written and verbal skills.

Process improvement and problem-solving skills.

Willingness to learn and contribute to the success of the farm.

Results oriented manager.

Ability to plan ahead and to look at the whole picture.