Purchasing Manager
Chief Financial Officer
QA Manager
Senior Cost Accountant
Freezer Ops. Mgr.
Maintenance Shop Clerk
QA Supervisor
Financial Controller
Assistant Farm Manager
Technical Project Engineer
1st Shift Production Supervisor
Produce Broker
Sales Manager

Location: Stockton Ca. Area

Salary: DOE

Assists Farm Manager on farm operations on assigned ranches and other duties.

Assists farm manager in all aspects of diversified farming to include but not limited to budgeting, cash flow development, forecasting, projections, crop development plans and implementation.

Reports on crops and analysis of crops in relation to care with emphasis on fertilization, block & production analysis, and pest control either conventionally or organically

Assists in managing/developing a plan for all local, state or federal crop standards relating to all food safety programs that the farm falls under or may want enacted on its behalf

Assists farm manager in crop patterns and schedules; supervising and directing then preparation of the land in accordance with approved farming practices, the planting and monitoring of all crops, cultivation, irrigation along with fertilization, pesticides, insecticides, miticides, and fungicides of all crops through the act of harvest

Protects all equipment and property

Oversees ranch foreman and employees, irrigation management, pesticide application, pruning activities, harvest, employee safety, frost protection services, pest control measures, equipment usage/deliveries, shop and equipment repair and maintenance

Develops crop protection programs and fertility/nutrition programs, water efficiency assessments and programs, new irrigation projects, and development or redevelopment of property.

Works within budget; analyzes & recommends on capital expenditure needs