Maintenance Technician
Maintenance Worker
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Sales Person
Director of Quality Systems
1st shift Sanitation Supervisor
HR Assistant Manager
Staff Accountant
Maintenance Supervisor
1st Shift Production Supervisor
Farm Manager
Maintenance Mechanic
EHS Manager
Safety Manager
Director of Supply Chain Mgmt.
Produce Broker
Sales Manager

Location: West Memphis, Arkansas area

Salary 120,000

Education: B.S/B.A

Job Description:

Direct and oversee the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments at the facility

Provide a vision for the QA/QC department that aligns with Companies growth and future direction.

Drive and support the performance of the facility to meet directed Companies Quality KPIs.

Develop, maintain and monitor the budget and capital expenditures for the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments.

Organize and motivate these departments to perform responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Maintain the quality systems necessary to assure product quality by providing plant understanding and compliance to programs contained in the Food Safety and Quality Management System.

Promote an environment for teamwork throughout the plant and support SPC programs that generate improved plant operations and cost savings.

Support the CI&I and Sales Departments by visiting customers/suppliers and providing technical support when requested.

Support the review, understanding and compliance of all programs, policies and procedures contained in the Food Safety and Quality Management System.