EHS Manager
Enterprise Controller
Production Mechanic
Maintenance Manager
Chief Financial Officer
Safety Manager
Warehouse Supervisor
Director of Supply Chain Mgmt.
Customer Account Representative
QA Technical Supervisor
Refrigeration Mechanic
Produce Broker
HR Business Partner
Director of Procurement
Maintenance Supervisor
Viticulturist Manager
Harvest Equipment Manager
Sales Manager
Farm Manager
Produced Salesman

Location: Bakersfield, CA area

Salary: $80,000 – $100,000

Education: four year Bachelor of Science degree in Viticulture, Plant Science, Agriculture or a similar program

Experience: Minimum of 3 years of experience in vineyard operations.  Ability to speak Spanish is a plus. 

Job Description:
Assist with the management of vineyard operations including soil management, irrigation strategy, nutrition, pruning, canopy management and pest/disease management and weed control. 
Keep records of techniques used and harvest outcomes for each season
Work closely with the vineyard operations to establish and achieve annual goals and yields
Ensure viticulture practices are carried out at the highest standards Support environmentally sound vineyard practices
Determine grafting, root stock and replanting strategies. 
Develop and implement successful vineyard expansions- from new plantings to re-structuring of existing vineyards to optimize the overall vineyard quality and efficiency
Work closely with our grape breeding program.