EHS Manager
Enterprise Controller
Production Mechanic
Maintenance Manager
Chief Financial Officer
Safety Manager
Warehouse Supervisor
Director of Supply Chain Mgmt.
Customer Account Representative
QA Technical Supervisor
Refrigeration Mechanic
Produce Broker
HR Business Partner
Director of Procurement
Maintenance Supervisor
Harvest Equipment Manager
Sales Manager
Farm Manager
Produced Salesman

Location: LA or Central Valley

Salary: $200,000k

Job Description: The candidate would have full responsibility over the P&L of his department and can hire (or fire) assistants based on his needs.

Does not have to have any particular education but preferably some knowledge of Spanish would be desirable but not a requirement.

Stone fruit salesmen that can bring to the company a domestic deal and to whom we can add an offshore deal. 

Looking for someone that can do a good job selling offshore product in addition to bringing his own domestic deals.

The goal is for the candidate to contribute $8-10mm in existing sales and we will contribute with another $10-12mm in offshore product for him to sell. 

The items would be peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries & grapes, etc. Also have shippers that want to send the company apples/ pears.