Farm Manager
Maintenance Mechanic
Production Manager
Production Supervisor
Purchasing Manager
Farm Manager
QA Supervisor
EHS Manager
Enterprise Controller
Production Mechanic
Maintenance Manager
Safety Manager
Director of Supply Chain Mgmt.
Customer Account Representative
QA Technical Supervisor
Produce Broker
HR Business Partner
Harvest Equipment Manager
Sales Manager
Produced Salesman

Location: Sacramento, CA area

Salary: $100,000 +++

The successful candidate will have competency in related disciplines such as large scale agriculture mechanical harvesting, transplanting, crop production, extensive experience in maintaining and repairing farming and harvesting equipment and be bilingual in English and Spanish for hiring, training and organizing personnel.  This position is for a hands-on professional who enjoys working on a peer level with talented and committed colleagues, and who has the self-confidence to pursue their convictions. 
Extensive knowledge of general farm machinery and mechanics.
Ability to understand, embrace and integrate into our Self-Management organizational system.
Ability to take ownership of a group of approximately 6 harvesters and treat it as your own personal business in which you take complete responsibility.
Ability to build a team, share knowledge and experience with peers and play a leadership role within a group.
Must have a valid driver’s license and good DMV record.

Job Description: Specific Activities:
Coordinate people, equipment and supplies for a harvesting & transplanting
Interview, hire and train all personnel required for your operating team.
Promote and implement proper equipment operating procedures in a manner conducive to safety standards.
Train equipment operators and others in proper operating procedures.
Analyze your transplant and harvest group’s performance and trends.
Address issues impacting performance in a timely and efficient manner.
Minimize equipment damage to transplant and harvest group equipment.
Perform routine maintenance, diagnose field break downs, perform field repairs relative to diagnostics and perform off season over hauls on transplant and harvester equipment.
Develop and maintain a professional relationship with customer growers.
Audit the performance and quality of service provided by your group.
Use audits to improve performance and customer satisfaction.
Organize and coordinate field moves in a safe and efficient manner.
Promote and enforce a high level accountability amongst colleagues and contractors.
Provide operational and performance reports as requested by fellow colleagues.