Manufacturing Manager
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Lead
Manufacturing Engineer
Director Operations
QA Manager
Logistics Manager
Corp. Controller
Ranch Supervisor Tale Grapes
Table Grapes Sales
Maintenance Supervisor
HR Manager
EHS Manager
Maintenance Manager
Production Manager
HR Manager
Director of Operations
QA Manager
Produce Sales Director (Avocados)

Salary $80,000K

Location: Bakersfield, CA Area

Education: bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry, Food Science or a related industry.

Experience: must have a minimal of five years of experience A quality assurance manager must be familiar with the procedures and concepts of quality assurance.

Experience in the following is a plus: HPLC, R/O, Hot Fill, Tunnel Pasteurization, Cold Fill, HACCP, GMP’s, and Federal Regulations.

Function; The QA manager is the head of the quality department and is responsible for the quality of the products made by a manufacturing company. A quality assurance department examines raw materials before their use on the production floor. A successful quality program identifies process and material problems before time and money is wasted on substandard product.

Job Duties: The quality assurance manager develops the sampling and inspection techniques used to identify products or materials that are not within specifications. The manager also directs supervisors to hire experienced quality assurance technicians and determines the minimum qualifications needed to work in the department. The manager hires quality assurance staff and implements training programs and career advancement objectives for QA employees. In addition, the manager for the quality assurance department manages the department budget and evaluates employees. The quality manager also provides documentation for inspection and testing procedures that technicians use when performing quality assurance duties.

Skills: The QA manager must have good written and verbal communication skills. A successful manager in quality assurance has supervisory skills and interpersonal skills to interact with employees in the department and internal and external customers. A quality assurance manager has the ability to lead others in the department.