Produced Salesman
Senior Produce Salesman
Senior Director Supply Chain
QA Manager
Contract Manufacturing Manager
Field Representative
Account Manger
Continuous Improvement Manager
Maintenance Supervisor 2nd Shift
Senior Accountant/CPA
Electrical/Instrumentation Supervisor
Warehouse Manager
Maintenance Manager
Logistic Manager
Financial Controller
Chief Financial Officer
Shipping Manager
Division Manager
Accountant (Cost) II
Shop Foreman
Shop Manager
Operations Controller
Plant Engineer
Maintenance Manager
VP Sales & Marketing
Manager Ranch Operations
Produce Salesman
Processing Supervisor
QA Manager
Project Engineer
Table Grape Farm Manager
Refrigeration Facilities Manger

We now have over twenty five plus years of recruiting for the Food and Agriculture Industries ($50k - $250k), in administrative, sales, accounting, operations, engineering, agriculture and research & development. We have the most extensive network of contact both nationally and internationally covering these fields.